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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meet Brett Schulthies......

PS: What inspired you to do hair?
BS: The reason why I chose to go into the beauty industry is because I have always had a passion and love for fashion, trends, hair and make-up. I also love meeting and talking to new and different people every day. I felt that a career in cosmetology would combine these two interests of mine perfectly.

PS: Where did you attend cosmetology school?
BS: I attended cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell the School in Provo, Utah.

PS: Where was the first place you started working after graduating?
BS: I first started working at Metropolitan Hair Salon in Provo.

PS: How long have you been with Platinum Studio now?
BS: I have been with Platinum Studio for three years.

PS: How long have you been doing hair?
BS: I have been doing hair for five and a half years.

PS: What color line do you use on clients?
BS: I use Schwarzkopf professional hair color.

What styling products to you use on clients?
BS: I use a combination of Schwarzkopf, Paul Mitchell and Big Sexy hair professional products.

PS: What is your favorite part of being a hairstylist?
BS: My favorite part of being a stylist is helping my clients feel the very best they can about themselves by helping them to achieve the look they are desiring for their hair. When a client walks out the door happy and satisfied with what we have done with their hair I couldn't be happier!

PS: What hair service do you enjoy doing the most?
BS: I actually love doing everything from color and cut to up-dos and perms. I love variety so the more the better!

PS: What would you say you specialize in?
BS: I absolutely love doing short hair. I think it is so fun and I feel like I can be super creative with it.

PS: Do you try to continue your education with this industry and what do you enjoy the most about what you learn when you are there?
BS: Education to me is very important. I have always had a passion for learning new things and think that it is so crucial to keep up on your craft and skill especially in this industry because trends and looks are always changing. I try to go to educational classes at least once a quarter and am always reading up on current material to make sure I am educated so that I can be the best stylist to my clients and pass what I learn onto them.

PS: What is one thing that you feel you could improve at?
BS: I think that there is always room for improvement with everything. Because the moment you think you are the master is when you start getting complacent. I always want to feel like I am improving and honing my skills. I am a big believer in striving to be better than you were the day before.

PS: If you could have only one styling product and styling tool to use on yourself what would they be?
BS: It would be Marrakesh oil to hydrate and tame my curly locks and a flat iron to help control my hair!

PS: What is your goal in this industry for the next five years?
BS: My goal in the next five years is to continue to help my clients and future clients look and feel the very best that they can! I also would love to be doing more photo-shoots/editorial work. I love this industry and I always want to be apart of it!

PS: Is there a famous hairstylist that inspires you?
BS: The stylists that truly inspire me are the girls that I work with everyday! They are so talented and amazing and I am constantly inspired by their work.

PS: What is one myth about hair that drives you crazy?
BS: It's not so much a myth as it is the commercials on TV that promote box hair color and that you can give yourself amazing high-lights with it! Sorry to everyone out there that thinks you can get beautiful high-lights from a box, it's just not gonna happen!!

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