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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet Destiny Rayburn.....

PS: What inspired you to become a hairstylist?
DR: My bestfriend's mom owned her own salon and she would practice on me. That made me want to become a hairstylist. I looked at some schools here in Utah. I decided to apply and started school a year later.

PS: Where did you attend cosmetology school?
DR: Von Curtis Academy which is Paul Mitchell The School now.

PS:Where was the first place you started working after you graduated from Von Curtis Academy?
DR: I started out at Willow Salon and Day spa for 3 1/2 years and then moved over to Platinum Studio Salon.

PS: How long have you been working at Platinum Studio?
DR: Six years.

: How long have you been doing hair?
DR: Ten years.

PS: What color line do you enjoy using on your clients?
DR: I really like using Schwarzkopf's color line.

PS: What styling products do you use on your clients?
DR: I also like using Schwarzkopf's product line.

PS: What is your favorite part of being a hairstylist?
DR: I like working in the atmosphere here at Platinum Studio. I like to meet and get to know different clients. I learn from each of them and it enriches me as a person.

PS: What hair service do you enjoy doing the most?
DR: I love doing color.

PS: What would you say you specialize in?
DR: I would say I specialize in color and also styling the hair.

PS: Do you try to continue your education with this industry and what do you enjoy the most about what you learn when you are there?
DR: I enjoy learning different techniques from the Internet. I usually learn something that makes me go out of my comfort zone so if my client requests a change I feel confident in doing it.

PS: What it is one thing you feel like you could improve at?
DR: I could improve on my short hairstyles and risk taking. I would like to learn more about how to cut and style curly hair better.

PS: If you could only use one styling product and styling tool on yourself what would they be?
DR: The product would be Schwarzkopf's sealed ends and a styling brush.

PS: What is your goal in this industry for the next five years?
DR: I want to continue to have a good clientele built. Stay updated in the newest trends. Focus on having a family soon which I would still do hair part time.

PS: Is there a famous hairstylist that inspires you?
DR: Paul Mitchell, he does a lot of charity work. I also was inspired by my mom's friend that made me want to be a hairstylist.

PS: What is one myth about hair that drives you crazy?
DR: Getting your haircut makes your hair grow faster.

Destiny does not accept new clients but would be happy to refer clients to other stylists that work at Platinum Studio.